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The BujaHub is a private non-profit organization registered in Burundi and has its headquarters at Boulevard du Japon, Mukaza in Bujumbura Burundi.

The BujaHub provides a multisectoral solutions in order to meet the challenge of entrepreneurship and economic inclusivity for youths and women and increase incomes by equipping them with job skills, technical support and resources that are needed in skills development, job creation and suitability in their start-up venture. This in returns helps individuals to integrate well in the socio-professional sector, develop their skills, strengthen human capital and create durable labor markets in Burundi and Africa.

Our project offers an ideal and leading destination for innovators, businesses and entrepreneurs in Burundi by offering them with trainings, talent reinforcement, business design, skills matching and an investors network for all entrepreneurs, digital technology and innovation sectors seeking support for start-up and growth. The facility serves as center for Business training, innovation coaching, Mentorship services, Investment network and Business model Development; Legal Advisory Services; Financial structuring; prototyping and Product Development; Environmental and Social Impact Assessments; Technical Support Services, market testing, market information system, quality management systems, or information technology development and Access to Finance.

The Buja Hub is therefore established to serve as a business and innovation space in order to accelerate business growth and success while decreasing the likelihood of failure of women and youth-initiated SMEs in Burundi where the rate of entrepreneurship mortality is very high. According to statics by the OBR, only at least 25% of registered companies get to the end of the year and therefore setting up the failure rates at a very alarming state. This solution therefore gives hope to youth and women entrepreneurs in Burundi through offering them a support system that increases their success, boosts innovation and promotes business growth and market penetration. This in turn will Broaden economic opportunities for youth, increase inclusive employment and entrepreneurship, create new jobs, diversify the industrial base, and enhance quality of life in the community.

Our services and programs are designed to increase a client’s likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what the client company could achieve on its own. Offering value-added services is key to the hub’s ability to successfully spin out graduates into the community and generate jobs and wealth in the region.

Our Vision

To foster successful innovation and entrepreneurship in Burundi.

Our vision statement:

“To be the focal point for innovation and entrepreneurship in Burundi”

Our Mission

The mission of the BujaHub is to increase the successful development of emerging businesses in the community’s target digital industry and entrepreneurial sectors. These new businesses will in return create new jobs, increase tax generation, and create wealth, which ultimately causes a chain reaction of community benefits through the multiplier effect.

Our mission statement is:

“To facilitate and catalyze innovation, entrepreneurial development, and business success that fosters sustainable economic growth among youths in Burundi.”

Our goal

To assist entrepreneurs on the African continents (to) gain knowledge and acquire skills that will empower them to becomejob creators by building successful and sustainable communities and businesses.

Our Pillars

The Buja Hub support system comprises of three main pillars that are interconnected and interdependent in assuring the success of the job creation journey for talents, entrepreneurs and innovators in the country. When these three pillars work together, it assures the whole cycle of the journey of the entrepreneur from the beginning of the idea, to the implementation in the market. These pillars are; discover, empower and connect.


Identifying talented individuals that have innovative solutionscapabilities to resolve real community/market problems by offering disruptive value proposition chains.The targeted talent areas include technology, entrepreneurship and careers.


Assisting discovered talents to gain knowledge and acquire skills through trainings, mentorship and coaching focused on developing the technology and careers. Working with idea generators to churn their ideas gently and deliberately in a multitude of perspectives until it is finally polished through the process of design driven entrepreneurship incubation model


Active networking and relationship support through development of connections to resources that the talents do not otherwise have access to. These connections include possibilities to meet investors, clients, employers or skills matching.

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