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Africa Digital Entrepreneurship Summit

The Africa Digital Entrepreneurship summit is an annual event organized by the Save African Youth Campaign (S.A.Y), a champion youth organization committed to empowering the youths in Africa and in unleash their full potential and be financially independent through entrepreneurship and innovation in an approach to curb extreme poverty in the African continent where youth unemployment is a matter of great concern. This is aimed at being achieved through partnerships with different public and private sectors across Africa.


With a massive trend towards digitalization and online services, digital job creation becomes an aspect of interest for many unemployed youths in the continent as physical geographical borders become increasingly irrelevant and therefore expanded market opportunities.

 Given the newly agreed African Continental Free TradeArea and the East African community free trade policy, we expect therefore to maximize trade links between African Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) as we take lead to introduce innovative schemes that provide for an appropriate business environment and a motivated youth digitally- an entrepreneurial network that will transform the African economy.

This summit aims at organizing and developing digital bridges between countries, stakeholders and entrepreneurs so as to maximize on the real benefits that technology offers as a professional and business opportunity for governments, businesses, startups and entrepreneurs across the continent. The summit will therefore be held within the framework of contributing to the digital integration and preparation for the 4th Industrial Revolution through ICT in particular focusing on Bridging the digital entrepreneurship and Innovation divide in the region, accelerating digital transformation as well as the development of appropriate digital skills and infrastructure for innovation.


Displaying the growing influence of technology as an affecting factor for young professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and Businesses in Africa.Giving digital entrepreneurs across Africa and beyond an opportunity to showcase their innovations that would in return disrupt Africa’s digital economy and boost job creations and entrepreneurship across the continent.

Availing networking, benchmarking, and exchange of experience platform that brings together Africa’s Entrepreneurs in the discussion on SMEs in promoting digital economy and job creation.

Promote understanding of recent development in the digital economy focusing on e-commerce while sharing country and regional experience in digital entrepreneurship.

Inno-Preneur Bootcamp

Bujahub is organizing Bootcamp in order to stimulate innovation while promoting SMEs in Burundi to understand, choose and implement working business models for their start-ups. It will involve generating practical solutions that may help entrepreneurs in Burundi resist the high rate of entrepreneurial mortality, especially when thinking about the establishment of the project and its funding.

Our main aim is to stimulate critical thinking, innovation, and adoption of scalable business models that are sector-specific and that have a clear value chain proposition for the existing market. It will also serve as a road map to showcase ways of solving the financial issues through strategic partnerships, angel/capital investment for funding, and learning about effective marketing.

It’s a collection of 5 start-up companies and SMEs with different backgrounds who will work together with professional and experienced mentors and coaches to generate innovative solutions and scale up their business models in tapping the market. The participants will be selected from five different sectors i.e. Health, Transportation, Agriculture, Trade, and Education.

It also collects groups of the public and private sector, capital investors, web& App developers, business designers, marketers, bankers, businesspersons, startup enthusiasts, digital marketing gurus, graphic designers who work tirelessly to help participants design innovative startups within 24 hours.


To equip the youths in Burundi with the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to create successful 21st-century businesses.

To open up the spirit of innovation, business orientation, and resistance within the participating start-ups

To open up the professional network and relationship support for SMEs in Burundi

To promote the objectives of the BujaHub in promoting direct business development assistance

To reduce the mortality rate of startups and SMEs in Burundi due to lack of proper business model, marketing structures and investment

To support the 20 startups and SMEs every year until they are fully set up to disrupt the market