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Our services and programs are designed to increase a client’s likelihood of successful development and growth beyond what the client company could achieve on its own. Offering value-added services is key to the hub’s ability to successfully spin out graduates into the community and generate jobs and wealth in the region. These services and programs are divided under for main areas listed below:

Direct business development assistance

Business development assistance is the direct support provided to members from the time of acceptance through graduation. This is the ongoing process of evaluating member business plans, identifying areas of need, developing a work plan to address those needs including identifying expertise and services needed to move the business plan forward, and timeframes for major tasks to be completed. The initial assessment would occur upon acceptance to the hub and follow on a monthly basis or as business issues dictate.

Professional network and relationship support

Networking and relationship support describe the active role the BujaHub will take to develop connections to resources that the members might not otherwise have access to as small, emerging businesses. The BujaHub will develop a pool of mentors to serve as business coaches for member companies. Mentors will be selected based on their experience with the member’s industry sector and stage of development. This will also involve development of a broad-based pool of high-quality professionals that have the technical and business skills needed to support member businesses.

Educational programs

Educational programs include hosted, on-site and offsite trainings and seminars of interest to entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and other related areas to start-ups and BujaHub members. This plan envisions that general business topics may be provided through the excellent resources of training partners or other available community resources. The BujaHub training room will be used for on-site educational offerings and could be made available for other educational offerings that are consistent with the BujaHub’s mission if practical.

Facility-based services

The BujaHub will locate multiple businesses in one facility therefore allowing companies to share services at lower costs. It provides office space to several complementary businesses, including shared use of administrative services, office equipment, conference rooms, reception, and other common areas. Consideration have also been given to developing a small kitchen area for snacks and refreshments. Additionally, reception area signage is offered to each member as a part of the membership agreement.

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To be the focal point for innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa

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  • Identify, train and connect untapped youth talents to companies and organizations that may need their talent and/or skills
  • Advance the goal of increasing middle-wage jobs through technology-based entrepreneurship for economic growth in Burundi
  • Promote the role of youths and women in innovation, creativity and digital entrepreneurship for active technology, economic and community development
  • Help advance the promotion of small and Medium business growth and workforce development among the youths in Burundi through training, mentorship and business coaching
  • Help companies get successfully established and rooted in the targeted community so that after graduation, they become permanent contributors to the overall vitality, diversity, and growth of the country’s economy.









My entreprenuriship journey could have been a thousand times more complicated if not for BujaHub. Since I joined BujaHub in 2019 participating in the 24HR innopreneurship bootcamp, I learnt a lot about how to create a successful business model and benefited of worthwhile and very professional business support from the rich network of mentors and business strategists. BujaHub shaped my entreprenurship journey and my continued success.

KAZE Delphin