The women entrepreneurs circle is a networking event organized by the BujaHub in attempt to promote women entrepreneurs in Burundi. With all effort put on promoting entrepreneurship, women have often been left out a fact that BujaHub feels that should be addressed in order to promote sustainable entrepreneurship and create source of economic growth for individuals, communities and the country.

As it is commonly said, unity is strength and division is weakness. One of the factors that has highly contributed to women been left out in the entrepreneurship sector is because women in Burundi don’t have a support network that is oriented in identifying, empowering and connecting women entrepreneurs to their fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. This being very important in promoting sustainable entrepreneurship that is built on networks and strategic partnerships.

The women entrepreneurship circle is therefore aimed at bringing together women entrepreneurs from all sectors, experiences and backgrounds in a total professional gathering that gives them a platform to learn how to successfully pitch their business ideas, connect to fellow women entrepreneurs in the objective of strategic partnership and networking.

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