BINGO Hackathon challenge.


This program is organized in the aim of solving real market, professional and community problems using technology. The purpose of the hackathon comes in as a remedy to a lot of challenges faced by different corporate companies and organizations in Burundi.

According to research, most corporate companies, NGOs and UNOs endure a lot of challenges in their day to day activities and are simply limited to their board rooms and committees to come up with solutions.

 However, we have realized that youths have a lot of potential in offering quality contributions to the innovative resolution of community and market problems if given a chance. In this way the solutions formulated are very innovative and well thought out with enough inputs, research, expertise and innovation.

Therefore, the BujaHub through its mission and goal to foster innovation in Africa and assist in solving real market and community problems, come up with the BINGO hackathon challenge that brings together talented youths from different interest areas in an attempt to diligently research on, find facts and develop workable, innovative and scalable solutions that are key to problem solving.

The BINGO hackathon challenge focuses on 5 main key sectors: