Burundi Developpers Circle

Burundi Developpers Circle

The Burundi Developers Circle is a platform created by Bujahub for programmers and software engineers to learn, collaborate and access jobs worldwide.

The Burundian Developers Circle has the following objectives:

BDC runs on three pillars:

Access to virtual and physical learning workshops to improve your skills for the 4th revolution.

Work with a pool of different developers in Burundi and around the world on projects, training or networking events.

Access short term and freelance jobs or longer term contracts with different companies around the world.

BDC offers a variety of opportunities

BDC offers a variety of software development and programming training and access to training rooms for technology-based learning sessions at BujaHub at almost no cost.

Organize or attend demo days to showcase your project and gain access to funding.

Create your event or join a number of ongoing events such as networking, Fun Fridays and programming summits.

Participate in Hackathons and Bootcamps to solve challenges proposed by various partners from private and public organizations. You will have a chance to win prizes, funding and jobs.

Join our platform of digital experts to offer your services for short or long term engagements.

Refill Nights

Learn , Unlearn , Relearn 

Refill Nights is an educational , experience wisdom sharing and mentorship program designed for churches and implemented by BujaHub.

Refill Nights was created by BujaHub as a reach out strategy to youth communities in churches and a long term goal to empower youths beyond the gospel.

Refill Nights are evening sessions carried out at church premise or BujaHub offices within various days of the month targeting youths who are job seeking, employed or self-employed people. Refill Nights are designed to uplift someone’s personal development to improve their businesses

Focus areas:

The activity brings coaches and mentors who share knowledge on improving your personal development or growth through practical learning approaches.

Refill career activity focuses on how careers are transforming due to constantly changing trends and helps in positioning for the future.

Refill Business tackles the building of a modern business, techniques, tools  and methodologies to use.

The activity also focuses more on experience sharing from different entrepreneurs and indentifying mentors with the circles of the program