Business Design Incubation

Business Design Incubation

The BujaHub in partnership with the Agency of Development in Burundi (ADB) is organizing a Business Design Incubation that will be a formulated support system that identifies, orients, and grows businesses through a period of 2 months in order to stimulate innovation and promote SMEs in Burundi to understand, choose and implement working business models for their start-ups. Business Incubation allows entrepreneurs and businesses to meet with a network of mentors, coaches, and sector experts that will assist them in generating practical solutions that may help entrepreneurs in Burundi resist the high rate of entrepreneurial mortality and disrupt the market.

Our main aim is to stimulate critical thinking, innovation, and adoption of scalable business models that are sector-specific and that have a clear value chain proposition for the existing market. It will also serve as a road map to showcase ways of solving the financial issues through a network of investors that will be invited to interact with the incubated business and therefore increase their opportunities in getting seed capital necessary for the emergence of their businesses. The Incubation will also create opportunities of strategic partnerships with already existing businesses, angel/capital investment for funding, and crowdfunding.

The Business Design Incubation participants will be selected through their different processes including Pre-selection and selection. This registration process will be carried out through an online application link that has been provided on the BujaHub website and shared through different channels of communication in order to maximize the possibility of participants being part of the incubation.


To equip the youths in Burundi with skills, tools, and knowledge needed to create successful 21st-century businesses.

To open the spirit of innovation, business orientation, and resistance within the participating start-ups.

To open the professional network and relationship support for SMEs in Burundi

To promote the objectives of the BujaHub and the API in promoting direct business development assistance

To reduce the mortality rate of startups and SMEs in Burundi due to lack of proper business model, marketing structures and investment

To support the 20 startups and SMEs every year until they are fully set up to disrupt the market.