Strengthening digital skills, abilities, tools, and opportunities among Burundian women


Digital technologies are reinventing our society by gradually investing in all areas of our daily life and our economies, from medical innovations to mobility, industry, security, information processing, the development of leisure, among others. The digital transformation revolutionizes the way we produce, consume, and interact with our environment.

Unfortunately, gender gaps in digital technologies are a very saddening reality when it comes to Technology, innovation ICT access, most specifically for women.

According to Analysis of cultural barriers to women’s economic empowerment in Burundi February,2021, C- and several studies, the representation of women and girls in Burundi remains very low in the various sectors of innovation, entrepreneurship, and the development of policies in the field of ICT. While several reports from both governmental and international organizations point to the fact that Burundian women, who represent 50% of the total population, contribute 51% to the country’s GDP, their absence in digital technology which is an important tool for the growth and competitiveness of countries is very alarming. In this context, it is therefore impossible to think about the economic progression of Burundi and most particularly its digital prosperity, without the active participation of women. Digital technology is therefore neither conceivable nor acceptable without Burundian women, they must take part in this digital economy, both in the technical part (development of digital infrastructure, programs, innovation) and in the implementation of new uses.

It is in this context that BujaHub decided to develop the project and create a program ” Digital Ladies “.

The objectives:

Identify, train, and connect talented women to businesses and organizations that value their innovations, talents and / or problem-solving skills.


Advance the goal of increasing jobs for women through digital entrepreneurship for the economic growth of Burundi.


Promote the role of women in technology, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship for active technology, economic and community development.


Help advance the promotion of growth of small and medium enterprises and workforce development among women in Burundi through training, mentoring and business coaching.


Empower women-led businesses to successfully establish in the target community and become permanent contributors to the vitality, diversity, and the overall growth of the economy.

Digital Ladies Galery