Equals Digital Marketing training


It is no longer an option, digital marketing must be part of the strategy of any company!

On July 26-27, 2022, EQUALS which is an organization dedicated to promoting gender balance in the technology sector by advocating for equal access, skills development and career opportunities for women and men, in partnership with BujaHub, organized a Digital Marketing training for 30 young Burundian women students and entrepreneurs from different sectors with the objective of providing women entrepreneurs and students with knowledge in :

The day of 26/7/2022 started with the welcome of the participants followed by the presentation of the program and its objective which was made by the Focal Point of Equals Global Partnership in Burundi, Mr. Francis CUBAHIRO, he indicated that in the digital era, having skills in digital marketing is a great asset, especially for these girls and women who are students and entrepreneurs.


The first training session started with Ms. Lucie FOHLE IFOLA – Programs Manager at BujaHub and Part-time Lecturer at International Leadership University. She discussed on:

This session was followed by a presentation by Ms. Ruth Niyibitanga – Director of Communications at Leapa. She discussed the following:

Importance of digital marketing through the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

The importance of the web and the difference between a web page and the internet as well as terms associated with the internet:

The session aimed to give the participants a clear idea of what the Internet and the Web are and how to use them for their business.

The last session of the day was facilitated by Ms. Reine Christella Ingabire – Communication Manager at BujaHub. She discussed on:

She then answered questions on marketing strategies for content creation, social media marketing; marketing strategy development. Participants were able to learn how to create interesting content on social networks according to the chosen platforms and target customers.

The second day started with a discussion moderated by Ms. Reine Christella Ingabire. It started with a recap of the sessions seen on the first day and was followed by a presentation session facilitated by Mr. Melchisédeck BOSHIRWA – CEO of Andika Solution. During this session, participants learned how to develop their businesses through notions on :

They were then given tasks to create their social networks as well as Google my Business to put into practice what they learned during the 2 days.


At the end of the day, the Equals Focal Point in Burundi; Mr. Francis Cubahiro; Creative Manager of BujaHub William Wanjohi; the trainers: Ms. Reine Christella Ingabire; Ms. Lucie Fohle Ifola; Ms. Ruth Niyibitanga and Mr. Boshirwa Melchisédeck handed out certificates to the participants of the 2-day training on digital marketing.