WEC Hayanisha

WEC Hayanisha

Women have potential and keep demonstrating it every time, let’s support them! 

The Bujahub, through its objective to promote women entrepreneurs in Burundi, organized on August 19, 2022 a trade show event for women entrepreneurs in Burundi. 

WEC Hayanisha which was primarily a networking event brought together women entrepreneurs from all sectors, experiences and backgrounds to present their businesses.

About 15 women entrepreneurs from different fields participated in the WEC Hayanisha exhibition organized by BujaHub. It was an opportunity to prove that women are getting more and more involved in entrepreneurship.

Among the fifteen companies present at the WEC Hayanisha exhibition organized by BujaHub, we will mention Hyacinth Art, Runyuzi Fashion, Le Sourire plus, Jitunze Home, Uplifting the Girl Child, Gaaga Hair and Makeup, SIRI collection, Perlerie de Racaille, Be Yourself, CECODEBU cooperative, Berissa

Collection, Innovation Plus Plus, Zadiscosmétique, COFAB cooperative, Neilla Candels, Inyenyeri de JSBM Nanje Nobaho and AFAB cooperative.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, a panel discussion on Personal Branding was led by four panelists including Ange Muyubira CEO of Kazoza Art, Raissa Keza, CEO of FOFED Jenny Clairia GATEKA partner in fal group and Ir. Lekoua Enama Noel Welcome coach in personal development. 


The objective of Personal Branding being to promote an individual through his values, his skills and the added value he can bring especially in the professional field, the panelists advised women entrepreneurs to overcome fear and have self-confidence. “Fear kills. You can’t sell anything, you can’t get anything in life if you don’t know how to convince, and to convince, you need confidence.

The panelists also offered advice that could help them on their entrepreneurial journey. “Always stay the course despite the obstacles. When we evolve, we go through phases: – Know who we are – Take and ask for advice. Self-image is something that shouldn’t be static, you have to know how to grow and keep up with the business.”

The participants of the exhibition say they are proud to have participated in the WEC Hayanisha : “It was a great pleasure for us to participate in this event, we had the opportunity to present what we do and we met other women entrepreneurs. In short, it was beneficial and interesting to share experiences with other girls and women entrepreneurs”.-Kathia Gretta IRADUKUNDA.