Women Entrepreneurs Circle is a networking event organized by BujaHub with the aim of promoting women entrepreneurs in Burundi. With all the efforts made to promote entrepreneurship, women have often been left behind, a fact that BujaHub believes needs to be addressed in order to promote sustainable entrepreneurship and create a source of economic growth. for individuals, communities and the country.

As it is often said, unity is strength and division is weakness. One of the factors that has strongly contributed to the exclusion of women in the entrepreneurship sector is that women in Burundi do not have a support network that is oriented in identifying, empowering and connecting. from female entrepreneurs to fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. This is very important to promote sustainable entrepreneurship which is built on networks and strategic partnerships.

The Women Entrepreneurs Circle aims to bring together women entrepreneurs from all sectors, experiences and backgrounds in a comprehensive professional gathering that provides them with a platform to connect with other women entrepreneurs in Burundi and across Africa for strategic partnership and networking to grow themselves and their businesses so that they can be able to make a significant impact in the community.


The Women Entrepreneur’s Circle is based on five major objectives:


To give women entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn how to present successful business ideas.


Connect women entrepreneurs with other women entrepreneurs from different professions and sectors.


Promote collaboration and cooperation among women entrepreneurs.


Create a network and support system for women entrepreneurs in Burundi.


Encourage and support women entrepreneurs in Burundi